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Antalya is Turkey's most popular tourist attractions in and around the towns outside the city you can see where merkesinde? Where are the historical and tourist places? Shopping places, places of natural beauty, and entertainment venues Where are dincence?
Museums in Antalya
Antalya Museum in Turkey, no museums. 1 is a rich history of the museum's collection Salip is based on the world war. Italian occupation in order to prevent smuggling of goods established sýrakýnda valuable historical artifacts exhibited in the museum belongs to the vast majority of the region.
Outside of this museum is a Side, Alanya There are three museums. Places to visit Atatürk's house in Alanya.
Antalya's historic sites, archaeological sites
Walls: Present Hadrian's Gate, a few remained bastions and towers.
Antalya Old City known as the oldest residential district and is surrounded by walls, which destroyed a large part of today.
Made in honor of the arrival of King Hadrian in 130 AD, Hadrian's Gate and the next two towers are still standing.
Join güneþken Antalya houses were built for protection from heat and well worth a visit.
18 km east of Antalya, Perge excavations in the ancient city ruins as a result of significant include: Theatre, Stadion, Agora, colonnaded street, necropolis, city walls, gymnasium, baths, monumental fountains and doors.
Other places to visit in
Glass Pyramid: Exhibition and convention center, this modern building in 1997, used to be done.
Antalya Culture Center: cultural center, which opened in 1996, there are two rooms.
Kaleici Marina, Marina
Semtevi: Foyer and Exhibition Hall, Administration, Library, Archive, Mukhtar Room, Medical Room, tutorials, such as a scene where Hall and the House of Culture mekezidir a culture.
Antalya Zoo
Waterfalls in Antalya
Gezilesi total of 3 in Antalya waterfall, cascade are. These Duden waterfall in Antalya city center, eight kilometers away, which is landscaped waterfalls, picnic area, cefe available. Leaded waterfall on the road to airport. And the most famous waterfall in Manavgat waterfalls.
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